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INHOPE Summit 2024

Hybrid Event

Our seventh INHOPE Summit will be a hybrid event taking place on October 8 & 9. Day 1 (October 8) will be online and in-person, while Day 2 (October 9) will be exclusively in-person. This year's INHOPE Summit theme is 'Knowledge is Power, Reporting is Action.' The focus of this year's Summit explores public awareness, education and the private trade and commercialisation of CSAM. The spread of CSAM online is enormous and therefore the role of reporting is essential, but we face major challenges that surround our society’s understanding of CSAM as well as tackling the economic link to CSAM.

The first day of the Summit will focus on the importance of societal change. We are not talking about a singular message we are talking about a united approach to promote public reporting. Members of this year’s Summit will be joining to participate in active discussions to create and share messaging to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation material online. As a global organisation, we can see there is a serious need for national notification. And the current lack of public knowledge about the existence of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online is a huge problem. With the growing challenges around Non-Consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse and self-generated child sexual abuse material (CSAM) we need to focus on prevention as AI hugely multiplies reports and overwhelms capacity.

The second day is aimed at the illegal production, distribution and consumption of CSAM. We will follow the path of financial transactions that take place as we break down the demand and supply of CSAM worldwide. The first half of the day will explore the collaboration between law enforcement, financial sectors and online platforms. In-person registrations are limited and all registrants are subject to approval

Attend Online

Attend Online

Interested in joining us virtually? On October 8, we will hold the hybrid day of the INHOPE Summit 2024.

Join us online to explore how we can create societal change through awareness and transparency around CSAM online. Please note: registration closes on October 4, only approved applicants will be able to join. Access the agenda above.

If you have questions contact us at

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Attend in-person

The in-person conference is on October 8 and 9 at Microsoft's New York Office (11 Times Sq, New York, NY 10036). To access the live stream on Day 1 make sure to also register to attend virtually.

We recommend the in-person event to industry, law enforcement and government officials who have a safety-forward approach to online communities and want to learn more about CSAM and the impact they can have. In-person registrations are limited, only one/two per organisation and all registrants are subject to approval.

Access the draft agenda, get to know the speakers and read the FAQ below.

Join us in-person on October 8 & 9 at Microsoft's New York Office (11 Times Sq, New York, NY 10036)

Join us in-person on October 8 & 9 at Microsoft's New York Office (11 Times Sq, New York, NY 10036)

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Find out if the 2024 INHOPE Summit is for you. Decide if you should attend and where! We have virtually and in-person attendance option to suit your needs. Remember, while investing in Trust and Safety takes time, it all begins with participating in forums like this.

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Previous Summit Recap
Summit 2023

Summit 2023

The goal of this year's Summit was to explore ways to facilitate improved collaboration between product and policy teams to create platforms that are safe by design.

Partnering Product with Policy

This event aspired to create open engagement between stakeholders from product and policy, explore cross collaboration, outline the fundamental requirements to create safe online experiences and generate implementation goals and guidelines for online platforms.

Summit 2022

Summit 2022

On the 20th and the 21st of September 2022, INHOPE held its fifth annual INHOPE Summit, hosted by Amazon Web Services in Washington D.C.

Talk About It!

This event aspired to create a space for stakeholders across different sectors to discuss challenges, talk about opportunities and examine potential initiatives and approaches to collectively combat Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online.

Summit 2021

Summit 2021

This year we focused on the first line of defence combatting the crisis of illegal content online. Digital first responders are the Trust and Safety operations, content moderation teams and analysts who put out the fire that is child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

September 21-22, 2021

This is our fourth annual summit and by far the largest. Four years ago, we started with 34 attendees and by this year we had over 300 people in attendance.

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Summit 2020

Summit 2020

Our third annual INHOPE Summit was centered around how we all have a role in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). We examined past cases, delivered industry presentations, provided technology demonstrations and discussed how to fight crime in the 21st Century.


September 22-23, 2020

The story of 'James' was the theme behind the INHOPE Summit 2020:

  • Location (Virtual Conference - Zoom)
  • Attendees (162)

Summary available via source

Summit 2019

Summit 2019

During out second US Summit we highlighted how the INHOPE network of hotlines removes online images
and videos of an eight-year old girl named 'Emma'. We discussed the journey of a report, the steps that are taken by the INHOPE network, the role ICCAM plays in preventing revictimisation, and the role that businesses play in preventing online CSAM, technologies that combat online CSAM.


June 5, 2019

All citizens, global leaders, businesses and global brands must play a role today.

  • Location (Facebook, Menlo Park, California)
  • Attendees (44)

Summary available via source

Summit 2018

Summit 2018

The first INHOPE Summit was a platform to raise awareness of issue of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online, by understanding the demand of such content and the efforts to combat CSAM - highlighting the crucial role of INHOPE hotlines and the impact of ICCAM.


September 26-27, 2018

Harnessing the power of private sector resources enables INHOPE to improve technology, build global capacity and deliver leading-edge training.

  • Location (Microsoft, Quinault, Building 34, Redmond WA 98052)
  • Attendees (34)

Summary available via source