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Over the past 20 years INHOPE has built many partnerships with other NGOs, Law Enforcement Agencies, tech companies, and corporate sponsors. It would be impossible to achieve this without the collaboration, cooperation and backing of these partners.

An INHOPE Corporate Sponsor supports the general sustenance of all aspects of the INHOPE network that enhances the everyday work of more than 200 analysts in 46 countries worldwide.

Law Enforcement

On behalf of the hotlines we work very closely with the INTERPOL. With their high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support, they help meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century.

INHOPE members also help law enforcement save time by ensuring only relevant reports are referred to national and international law enforcement, so that efforts can be concentrated on investigating confirmed cases of CSAM and working to identify and rescue victims.


Insafe and INHOPE have been working together through a network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) across Europe, typically comprising an awareness centre, helpline, hotline and youth panel. The central aim of the Insafe and INHOPE networks within their awareness-raising and child-protection mission has always been to maintain an evidence-based approach with their sights firmly fixed on the future to ensure that emerging challenges are tackled proactively in this fast-evolving world.

How to become a partner?

How to become a partner?

As a Partner of INHOPE you can demonstrate that your organisation takes corporate social responsibility very seriously, becoming an integral part in tackling CSAM and ultimately creating an online environment where everyone (but especially children) can use the internet for positive purposes.

To apply for INHOPE Membership. We firstly recommend you download the INHOPE & GSMA guide and then email us at

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