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What staff welfare support does INHOPE give its members?

INHOPE provides member hotlines with services, support and frameworks to ensure they have all the tools necessary to combat online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) effectively. An important part of this is supporting staff welfare.

Why is staff welfare important?

Supporting the well being of staff is important for any organisation, but for those working in hotlines it is especially important. A hotline analysts' job involves frequent exposure to harmful and distressing content including Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). Without the relevant safeguards in place, this work has the risk of severely impact their psychological or emotional harm. Protecting the whole network from these risks is a number one priority for INHOPE.

Compulsory standards of staff welfare for hotlines

INHOPE provides all analysts who join the INHOPE Network with CORE training. An important part of this is how to analyse reports of CSAM safely, without negatively impacting their well being. INHOPE also requires that all member hotlines have a Hotline Staff Welfare Policy and ensure the wellbeing of hotline analysts. Hotlines must adhere to INHOPE’s Best Practice on staff welfare which outlines key standards for the protection of the well-being of an analyst who is exposed to CSAM.

Additional resources for staff welfare

  • INHOPE organises hotline training meetings and webinars open to all hotlines. These cover lots of different topics which are helpful to analysts to do their important work, and regularly feature different aspects of staff welfare. e.g. our recent webinar "How to become Stress-Proof".
  • Creating a safe and trusting community amongst analysts across the whole network serves, especially for some of the smaller hotlines, as a real support. To create this sense of community, and as well as various network-wide meetings through the year, analysts have the opportunity to gather on a monthly basis in an online environment to support each other and ask questions.
  • There are a lot of great resources for supporting mental health online. INHOPE regularly shares these with the whole network across our various communication channels.

Find out more about INHOPE trainings here and the process of joining the INHOPE Network here.

What staff welfare support does INHOPE give its members?
05.05.2021 - by INHOPE

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