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What trainings do INHOPE member hotlines receive?

Currently INHOPE trains approximately 50 hotline analysts per year (average 2015 – 2019). Ideally the training takes place in the order below, within one year of joining the hotline.

CORE Training: hotline analysts are introduced to CSAM as a topic and gain knowledge on how the internet and tracing works. This training takes place during INHOPE six-monthly Hotline Training Meetings, where new analysts are also introduced to INHOPE’s work.

Content Assessment/ICCAM Training: Hotline analysts are trained how to assess content and use ICCAM. Analysts learn how to determine the illegality of material and the correct classification. This training involves exposure to actual CSAM and therefore the training is carried out in a secure classroom environment at INTERPOL’s headquarters in Lyon, France.

Online learning management system: provides hotline analysts with training modules and enables testing and certification capability. Each analyst that completes the online training course becomes an INHOPE Certified Analyst.

Workshop for advanced analysts: a group of advanced analysts is invited to an annual workshop to discuss the most pressing topics analysts deal with, exchange information and work on informational resources for other analysts.

Find out about events open to the public, such as INHOPE webinars here.

What trainings do INHOPE member hotlines receive?
21.04.2021 - by INHOPE

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