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As a Funding Partner of INHOPE you will demonstrate that your company takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. By supporting INHOPE you become an integral part of INHOPE’s global movement to free the world CSAM online. By partnering with INHOPE you are ultimately creating an online environment where everyone (especially children) can use the internet for positive purposes. You are part of the solution.

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Annual commitment level contribution in dollars:

  • €45,000


  • Press release – your comms team works with ours to create the perfect press release
  • Invitation to speak at one of INHOPE’s European-based international bi-annual members’ meetings (of which there are two per year): these members’ hotline training meetings address INHOPE analysts’ needs and are relevant for abuse-team and moderator training, staff welfare support, technology updates from INHOPE and industry, policy departments with policy-makers and international institution representatives, and law enforcement, and INHOPE hotline analysts, managers, directors, policy departments and INHOPE Hotline Presidents gather here. The themes of the meetings vary and the networking opportunities are unbeatable for you and your staff (especially abuse team members, managers, directors, technical experts and policy people)
  • Invitation to attend and speak at INHOPE’s annual US Summit
  • Invitation to attend the annual INHOPE and European Commission event in Brussels on Safer Internet Day
  • Your company logo on the INHOPE website showing you are a Gold Sponsor
  • Your company logo showing you are a Gold Sponsor in the INHOPE annual report and a quote
  • You will receive INHOPE’s quarterly newsletter
  • You will be able to include your annual report in our Member Newsletter
  • You will be provided with a company section in an edition of both our internal member newsletter and external quarterly newsletter.

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Without our Partners and the partnerships we have built over the past 15 years, INHOPE would not be able to continue its mission in supporting the swift removal of computer-facilitated CSAM from the internet as part of an increasingly multi-stakeholder approach all over the world.

Become a Gold Partner
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Join the fight against CSAM and become part of the solution!