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What is the Technology Coalition?

Many of INHOPE's partners, including Cloudflare, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, TikTok and Twitter (June 2021), are also members of the Technology Coalition. But what is the Technology Coalition, and how does it relate to the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)?

The Technology Coalition works to prevent and eradicate online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). It was formed by a number of technology companies out of a collective desire to collaborate and share expertise, and because of a recognition that many of them had the same goals and faced many of the same challenges. Formed in 2006, the Coalition is now comprised of over 20 industry tech leaders, each represented by individuals who specialise in online child safety issues.

Find a summary of the Technology Coalition's recent event, The Next Frontier of Reporting, featuring a presentation by INHOPE's Executive Director, and two hotlines in the INHOPE network, eco in Germany, and NCMEC in the US.

Collaboration as the key to success

INHOPE share and value the importance the Technology Coalition give to collaboration. The need for global, multi-stakeholder collaboration is at the centre of all of INHOPE's work.

  • INHOPE partners with technology companies to share resources and expertise.

  • The INHOPE network of hotlines collaborate through ICCAM (our secure portal used to process and share reports of CSAM), by sharing Best Practices and working together for global events and awareness-raising initiatives.

  • INHOPE collaborates with project partners in developing new technology (Project AviaTor), and expanding the INHOPE network (Project ESCAPE).

'At INHOPE we welcome the reinvigoration of the Technology Coalition which has the potential to have a substantial impact in the eradication of online child sexual exploitation through dedicated research and technology development.' Denton Howard, INHOPE Executive Director, June 2021

Learn more about how INHOPE works with industry partners here.

What is the Technology Coalition?
01.11.2021 - by INHOPE
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