INHOPE | Meet Silo, the INHOPE Finance Manager

Meet Silo, the INHOPE Finance Manager

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Silo Saidi Ndlovu

Finance Manager, joined INHOPE in April 2019.

Why do you work at INHOPE?

As a parent and social justice activist, I love working at INHOPE because it has a mission that l can resonate with. l am honoured to be part of the global team that does a lot to protect and advocate for children from abuse online.

What do you do outside of your office hours?

When l first moved to the Netherlands l noticed a real lack of inclusion within my community. This affected all sorts of marginalized people, whether because of race, religion, gender, social or economic status. With that in mind l started a community-based foundation raising awareness and stimulating diversity in my local area, Hilversum - a city east of Amsterdam.

Five years in, I’m proud to be included in the town council Diversity and Social Inclusion vision. Local partnerships on many of our projects have also made other organisations in Hilversum more aware of the need to be socially inclusive meaning everyone in Hilversum now feels welcome and more accepting of everyone’s differences.

What's a life lesson you value?

Unless you make a conscious effort to make people realise an underlying problem, we'll all go about our business forgetting about the people who are also part of our community and who do not have the means or choice to participate and make it better for everyone.

Favourite inspirational quote

"It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela

Meet Silo, the INHOPE Finance Manager