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Law enforcement capabilities in relation to child exploitation

In June 2021, the Australian Government’s Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement agreed to inquire into, and report on, law enforcement capabilities in relation to child exploitation. The inquiry is focused on identifying, and making recommendations that address, any gaps in the legislative framework or tools and tactics used by law enforcement that might currently be frustrating law enforcement efforts to investigate and prosecute offenders.

Further, the inquiry is exploring current trends in technology-facilitated exploitation, examining the relationship between online child abuse material and contact offending, and considering the role technology providers have in assisting law enforcement agencies to combat child exploitation.

eSafety’s submission to the inquiry highlighted the important role of the INHOPE network in facilitating the rapid removal of child exploitation material, and the importance of linkages between law enforcement agencies, government and industry in addressing child exploitation.

Additionally, our submission highlighted new and emerging challenges of encryption, anonymity and identity shielding and decentralisation. We also put forward our Safety by Design initiative as a key tool is arming industry to be able to affect cultural change in addressing online child exploitation. You can read our submission here.

Law enforcement capabilities in relation to child exploitation
10.09.2021 - by esafety Commissioner

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