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Expert Insights 2024 Webinar Series

INHOPE is returning its successful webinar series "Expert Insights" in 2024 for another season filled with deep-dive webinars covering a range of topics within the realm of online child protection. Each webinar is specifically designed to provide unique insights and provide the audience with educational content presented by an expert from the field.

Funded by the European Commission, these webinars are non-commercial to educate the audience, creating an open environment for discussions and fostering relationships between the different stakeholders.

Throughout last season, we conducted a total of six webinars, drawing in over 660 registered attendees who actively engaged in discussions, posed insightful questions, and facilitated dialogues with our esteemed speakers.

This year, the Expert Insights series will run from February to June 2024, with each session exploring nuances of digital safety and emerging trends within the sector. The webinars will cover relevant themes in the field, such as empowerment through digital literacy, AI-generated CSAM and user safety in the gaming world.

Expert Insights Webinar Schedule 2024

Who is this for?

Tailored for professionals, INHOPE's Expert Insights is targeted for individuals working in the following areas, including:

  • Hotline and industry analysts who are processing reports of CSAM.
  • Law Enforcement involved in investigating cybercrime and child sexual abuse cases.
  • Policy advisors in private companies and governmental bodies.
  • Technology specialists and those developing tools to detect CSAM and process reports.
  • Academics researching the latest trends and offender patterns in CSAM sharing.
  • Communications and marketing teams spreading the word about online child protection.
  • Psychologists and counsellors working directly with offenders and survivors.

These webinars will take place online, requiring attendees to register for access. Given the sensitive nature of the content, registration will be subject to approval. Attendees will be able to participate in these sessions, asking questions and interacting with our guest speakers.

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The 2024 Expert Insights webinar series is funded by the European Commission as part of the Better Internet for Kids Programme under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL).