INHOPE | Meet Vineeca Kuo, INHOPE's Project Officer

Meet Vineeca Kuo, INHOPE's Project Officer

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Vineeca Kuo

Project Officer, joined INHOPE in November 2023.

Why did you move to the Netherlands?

I initially moved to the Netherlands to pursue my master's degree in children's rights, a goal I had set up for myself to achieve for years. I have found immense enjoyment in my time here, appreciating the international atmosphere and the peacefulness this country has brought to me. Given the opportunity, I've decided to make the most of it and extend my stay!

Why do you work at INHOPE?

Growing up during the internet boom as a "zillennial," I've seen firsthand the diverse impacts it can have on children, both positive and harmful. This is why the cause of online child protection deeply resonates with me, and I wholeheartedly believe in INHOPE’s mission to create a world free of child sexual abuse material online. I'm extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with passionate professionals in this field. Together, we're dedicated to fulfilling INHOPE's mission while ensuring the protection and empowerment of children in this digital era.

Who inspires you?

My mother, who is an exceptional elementary school teacher, is my biggest inspiration throughout my life. I witnessed her positively impacting the lives of countless young children while growing up. It was through her that I developed an interest in the field of children's rights, firmly believing that there is more we can do to contribute to a brighter future for children.

What do you do outside of office hours?

Outside office hours you can often spot me at the gym! I enjoy weight training and have also got into weightlifting a few years ago. There's something incredibly empowering about lifting heavy weights that I absolutely adore.

Meet Vineeca Kuo, INHOPE's Project Officer