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Webinar Recap: INHOPE Annual Report 2023

INHOPE recently launched its Annual Report 2023, outlining the current landscape of child online safety. INHOPE Project Manager Abby Roberts, and Head of Technology and Innovation Kalina Zografska guided webinar attendees through the key highlights of the report, examining our impact over the past year.

“In the pages of our Annual Report you will find not just numbers, but stories of resilience, innovation and unwavering commitment to the cause.”Abby Roberts

Every year, the INHOPE Annual Report outlines data from our global network of member hotlines. In 2023, we collected insights, data and statistics from 54 member hotlines across 50 countries, combatting child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online. Now (as of spring 2024) we are delighted to have grown to 55 hotlines, further expanding our impact and reach.
The value of this network expansion, becomes clear when we examine the numbers in the report. Last year alone, hotline analysts exchanged 785.322 content URLs of suspected CSAM, an 25% increase from 2022. 69% of this content was classified as illegal and removed within 2.5 days. Outside of our network, removal times can take up to 28+ days, highlighting the enormous impact of being part of a network and collaborating with established partners.

Supporting our Network

Through training and capacity building we ensure that all of our 200+ hotline analysts are equipped with the necessary tools to perform this task safely and efficiently.

  • 200 members participated in INHOPE’s Hotline Training Meetings.
  • We organised 11 peer-to-peer exchanges, fostering knowledge-exchange between our members.
  • 404 participants were trained by INHOPE, with 71 analysts following the Basic Training, 42 completing the INHOPE Advanced Training, 58 enrolling in Online Learning, and an additional 200 law enforcement officers being trained on INHOPE, staff welfare and content tracing.

By strengthening our network we enhance our ability to respond to CSAM around the world as fast as possible.

Expanding our Reach

But our commitment does not stop there. To enhance our impact our Network Expansion team is consistently working to expand our reach, foster new relationships and establish a presence in countries that do not yet have a hotline. In 2023 we:

  • Conducted 80 online meetings with organisations interested in becoming a hotline.
  • Welcomed and onboarded 4 new member hotlines in Ukraine, Slovakia, Argentina and Moldova. Ukraine and Moldova joined with support from Safe Online.
  • Welcomed 5 new funding partners - Grayshift, Tether, Twitch, Discord and Yubo.

All of this would not be possible without the support from our partners. Visit our partner page, or download the Annual Report for a full overview of our partners.

Technology and Innovation

Supporting our network in the rapid removal of CSAM, also means supplying them with the necessary technology to cooperate with each other. Our system ICCAM, enables hotlines to effectively exchange data, and issue Notice and Takedowns. Recently, ICCAM was upgraded to a new application programming interface (API), allowing hotlines to connect to ICCAM on a system-to-system level in a more standardised way. Additionally, the platform was expanded to support a multi-module architecture, and a result, we have built a law enforcement-specific module.

We are continuously working to grow this ecosystem, and in 2023 this was mainly done through the launch of two new initiatives:

  1. Global Standard: The Universal Classification Schema, launched under this project aims to enrich the metadata exchanged in ICCAM by translating national legislation and classification between hotlines. This will enable smoother communication and faster processing and removal times in the future.

  2. Project CPORT: The CPORT portal aims aims to further expand ICCAM usage, and allow national law enforcement agencies around the world to access the ICCAM portal.

"When we talk about technology and innovation, we are aware that we are a network part of a wider community, working together with hotlines, law enforcement and industry towards the same joint mission." - Kalina Zografska

This recap provides only a brief overview of our Annual Report. To get a deeper insight and understanding of the work that has been done in the year 2023, access the full report here.

This webinar was recorded and is available online. Visit our Webinar Playlist at the bottom of our Events Page.

Webinar Recap: INHOPE Annual Report 2023

Download the Annual Report