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Expert Insights – Webinars by INHOPE

INHOPE will be hosting a whole season of Expert Insights. We want to create and establish an opportunity for thought-leaders to exchange ideas. These INHOPE webinars are tailored to facilitate greater collaboration among those working in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

If you’re working in the following fields, then INHOPE’s Expert Insights have been designed for you:

  • Analysts processing reports of CSAM
  • Law Enforcement involved in investigating cybercrime and child sexual abuse cases
  • Policy advisors in private companies and governmental bodies
  • Technology specialists and those developing tools to detect CSAM and process reports
  • Academics researching the latest trends and offender patterns in CSAM sharing
  • Communications and marketing teams spreading the word about online child protection
  • Psychologists and counsellors working directly with offenders and survivors

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As the leading global network in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material, INHOPE plays a proud role in the international and multi-stakeholder conversation of hotlines, law enforcement agencies, academics, and industry.

Resources are constantly being developed, and huge progress is being made in each corner of our sector: in technology, methodology, contextual understanding of the drivers of CSAM and legal and policy recommendations. These individual successes are fantastic, but INHOPE is founded upon a belief that we are stronger together.

That’s why our programme of presentations, panel discussions and break out rooms will be getting expertise into the hands of those that need it in a space which facilitates dialogue and the building of professional relationships.

Let’s make the most of everyone working from home, and engage in a global virtual conversation. Webinars will be running throughout Spring 2021 so get involved by signing up to receive updates on Expert Insights – Webinars by INHOPE.

Expert Insights – Webinars by INHOPE
13.01.2021 - by INHOPE