Expert Insights

Expert Insights

Upcoming Webinars

Discover our new webinars:
March 3rd - How to become 'Stress-Proof'
March 17th - '#NoMoreCSEFilms': a new approach to educating children about online safety
April 1st - An Industry Perspective: protecting children on the internet and in real life.

We will be hosting webinars in the afternoon CET to allow for global attendance.

Why should I join? Who are they for?

As the leading global network in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material online, INHOPE is in a unique position to open up discussions and expertise across industries and create learning opportunities to drive new collaborations.

Our webinars are for academics, hotline managers, law enforcement officers, and big tech representatives. We will be hosting webinars in the afternoon CET to allow for global attendance.

Topics & Suggestions

Topics will include Fighting CSAM on Gaming Platforms, Building Staff Welfare and Resilience, and Prevention Initiatives and Hotlines Collaboration Opportunities, and many more.

In order to focus on key areas of interest, we are encouraging Safer Internet Centres, Law Enforcement, Partners, Industry, and NGOs to submit their suggestions for future webinars (contact us at

How to become 'Stress-Proof'

How to become 'Stress-Proof'

Our next webinar on March 3rd invites Mithu Storoni MD PhD, an author, physician, and researcher.

Short bursts of stress are an inevitable part of modern life. But how much is too much? Mithu will discuss the tools from her latest book which is an actionable guide to reducing stress, based on data from over 500 studies.

Audience: Hotline analysts, content moderators and those who deal with CSAM directly.

March, April and May.

Webinar Updates

INHOPE will be inviting experts to share their insights to everyone supporting the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material on the latest methodologies, tech, and research available in our field.

With topics suitable for those working in private tech companies, child protection organisations and hotlines and law enforcement, INHOPE want to make sure knowledge is in the hands of those that need it. INHOPE is founded upon a belief in the need for international and multistakeholder collaboration - join us!

Previous Webinars
Project Aviator

Project Aviator

Attendees were able to have their questions about AviaTor answered first-hand by the engineers working on the tool. Judging by the high level of participation throughout, there is a lot of excitement within the sector about AviaTor.

Combating Child and Sexual Exploitation - Project Aviator

'Judging by the high level of participation throughout, there is a lot of excitement within the sector about the tool.'

If you have LEA contacts who would be interested in learning more about this project and would like to engage with Project AviaTor's partners, please tell them to contact the team by sending an email to

A Global Perspective

A Global Perspective

Drawing on news reports, academic research, campaigns videos, and his experiences in his own career fighting child sexual abuse, Guillermo Galarza zoomed in on the profiles of sexual offenders. Majority male and in positions of authority, they are watching increasingly graphic content with increasingly young children subject to increasingly violent acts.

The key to preventing child sexual abuse and exploitation from Guillermo’s perspective? Education.

Guillermo Galarza, Program Director at International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, used his extensive experience working in online child protection to provide shocking insights into the perpetrators of child sexual abuse before restoring our faith once more by demonstrating some of the tools available to catch and convict them.