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Announcing the INHOPE Summit 2024

Mark your calendars! Our seventh annual INHOPE Summit is October 8-9, 2024. This year, we're diving into two critical topics on our society understanding and awareness of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), and the troubling trend of CSAM commercialisation.

As the spread of CSAM online reaches unprecedented levels, reporting becomes increasingly vital. Yet, we must confront significant challenges in society's understanding of CSAM and addressing its economic ties. Join us as we tackle these pressing issues head-on. Learn more here.

Knowledge is Power, Reporting is Action

The public is severely lacking the power to make a difference. Harmful content is inevitable, and if we don't openly acknowledge its presence, we will unintentionally support its negative impact. Societal change around the subject of CSAM is necessary and online platforms need to become a source of awareness-raising for the public. The fact is that we are heavily overestimating the public’s awareness of CSAM and we are heavily underestimating the impact that CSAM has on society, our economy and online safety.

Our primary objective will be to tackle the issue of general CSAM awareness, emphasising that this matter doesn't exist in isolation but affects us all. Before we can guide the public, we need to re-educate ourselves on current and future risks before we can create clear public guidance. People are often prevented from reporting by the following obstacles:

  1. A lack of knowledge of what is illegal.
  2. A lack of awareness of the ability to report.
  3. A lack of trust in the fact their report will make a difference.
  4. A lack of victim support.

Our secondary objective is to cover the economic impact of CSAM and how CSAM often transactional. Ask yourself and your team:

  1. How are people sharing CSAM online?
  2. What methods do they use to share CSAM undetected? Is this monetised?
  3. What approach could be implemented to tackle the commercialisation of CSAM?

What we offer you

Attend this year's Summit to find out how you can build external relationships and find new opportunities with online platforms, hotlines, the financial sector, government entities and law enforcement. This year we will cover prevention through education as well as the economic impact of CSAM across the two days:

Day 1 (hybrid), October 8: Will focus on the importance of societal change. We are not talking about a singular message we are talking about a united approach to promote public reporting. Join to participate in active discussion to create and share messaging to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation material online.

Day 2 (in-person only), October 9: Is aimed at tackling the illegal production, distribution and the consumption of CSAM. We will follow the path of financial transactions that take place as we break down the demand and supply of CSAM worldwide.

Find out more about the event and FAQs, or get access to the latest agenda here.

Why you should join

Public awareness provides the essential understanding of online harms in order for young people to navigate an AI-driven, fast-paced digital world safely. Hear from industry leaders including the Microsoft, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Tech Coalition, Raven, Snap Inc, Zepeto (NAVER Z), the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), and Resolver (a Kroll Business).

When should I sign-up?

Secure your spot now to ensure you and your organisation have a voice at the table! With limited in-person attendance, register today for our event on October 8-9. In order to protect the rights of young people online and tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation on a global scale, we are seeking all relevant stakeholders to join these discussions.

Learn more about the INHOPE Summit 2024 here.

The INHOPE Summit 2024 is being sponsored by our annual funding partner Microsoft in New York.

Announcing the INHOPE Summit 2024

Should you and your organisation be part of the discussion? Sign up to the INHOPE Summit 2024 here.

Registration End Date:
In-person: September 27
Online: October 4

In-person registrations are limited to one per organisation and all registrants are subject to approval.