Automated Detection

Automated Detection

Automated Detection

Automated Detection
Support the temporary derogation

e-Privacy directive

Prevent the increase of Child Sexual Abuse Material online

When we refer to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), we are talking about the images & video of the sexual abuse and rape of children – with the vast majority of those below 13 years of age and many of those under 5 years of age.

If the temporary derogation does not pass, then all proactive detection of online CSA by service providers in Europe ends instantly in December, and the European Union could become an unhindered hub for online CSA distribution.

Temporary Derogation

The temporary derogation would ensure that providers of online communications services can continue detecting and reporting child sexual abuse online. This also includes the detection of grooming, self-harm and more.

This temporary derogation is necessary because with the full application of the European Electronic Communications Code as from 21 December 2020, certain online communication services, like webmail or messaging services, will fall under the scope of the ePrivacy Directive.

Make an informed decision

INHOPE requests your support in calling on the LIBE Committee and the whole European Parliament to pass the temporary derogation that allows for the continued detection of child sexual abuse material using automated hash fingerprint technology.

The proposed Regulation provides guarantees to safeguard privacy and protection of personal data. Below you will learn more about the importance of hash detection in combatting CSA.

92% of the victims of child sexual abuse are under the age of 13.

Think about the victims

E -privacy directive temporary derogation

Preventing CSA online

There are major online service providers that proactively identify known CSA on their services using automated detection. ’Known’’ refers to CSA images or videos that have been previously identified by law enforcement (e.g. Interpol ICSE). Hash technology is used and this means that a customer's actual data is not shared.

The sole objective of this Regulation is to enable the continuation of certain existing activities aimed at combating child sexual abuse online like this.

What it is and why is it important?

Hashing Technology