What is Notice and Takedown?

A Notice and Takedown order, commonly referred to as NTD, is a procedure for asking a Hosting Provider (HP) or search engine to immediately remove or disable access to illegal, irrelevant or outdated information hosted on their services.

INHOPE member hotlines send Notice and Takedown orders to HPs when a member of the public sends them a URL containing illegal images and videos depicting child sexual abuse and exploitation. The majority of HPs respond by swiftly removing the content.

What are NTD times?

When discussing CSAM-removal statistics, we often refer to Notice and Takedown time. This is the time from when a hotline receives a CSAM report from the public, to the time the hotline reports it to the national Law Enforcement Agency (LEA), the HP, and ultimately the time the content is removed from the internet.

In 2019, 73% of the content reported to INHOPE member hotlines globally was removed in less than 7 days.

Do all INHOPE member hotlines follow the same NTD procedure?

No. All hotlines provide a way for the public to report CSAM and form an essential part of the chain in getting that content removed. However, the exact procedure which each hotline follows in getting the content removed differs from country to country. A few examples for why this differs include: national legislation and infrastructure, and organisational structure and capacity.

To learn about NTD in more detail, and the procedure which each hotline follows, read our deep dive into Notice and Takedown procedures.

What is Notice and Takedown?
24.03.2021 - by INHOPE

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