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Telefono Azzurro celebrates Safer Internet Day 2022

To commemorate Safer Internet Day 2022, Telefono Azzurro presented updated research conducted by DoxaKids, to shine a light on the new experiences and challenges for children and young people and their parents in light of the upcoming transformation of the digital world.

Concerning what arose from the cases managed by 19696 helpline and 114 Emergency Childhood Service hotline during 2021, the research focused on several topics, analyzed from the perspective of both children and parents: online gaming, online harms, social media, financial education, metaverse, screentime, mental health and finally the acknowledgement by young people of online harms.

The answers gathered in the research are astonishing, as children are becoming more and more aware of the risks in the digital environment. However, they believe that to make the internet a safer space digital education should be addressed to also parents and teachers.

Another answer given by young people is that we should listen to them more carefully and let them actively participate in decision-making processes concerning their life and future. They want to be part of the making of a safer digital world.

You can find more details about the research and Telefono Azzurro's Safer Internet Day activities here.

Telefono Azzurro celebrates Safer Internet Day 2022
15.02.2022 - by Telefono Azzurro

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