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Drossinternets launches new campaign for SID

Latvia celebrated Safer Internet Day this year by focusing on child solicitation on the internet because the number of reports registered by the Hotline of Latvian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) is increasing rapidly. The aim is to educate society about the issue and prevent children from becoming child abuse victims. Latvian SIC, in cooperation with the State Police and the State Inspectorate for Protection of Children's Rights launched a social campaign called Dangerous Friendship on the Internet! As part of the campaign, children, young people, parents and teachers were invited to fill in a self-help test.

This test was developed by experts to test how safe a child's friendship is on the internet to learn how to recognize solicitation cases and where to seek help. For example, parents are asked whether they know who their child’s online friends are.

The campaign aims to increase the knowledge of both children and parents by providing a guided test and practical information on how to recognize whether an offence has been committed against a child, how to talk to a child about the risk of solicitation and the first steps to take if a child has been abused online.

Drossinternets launches new campaign for SID
15.02.2022 - by Drossinternets

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