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EOKM and PwC start international project in fight against CSAM

PwC and the Expertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (EOKM) are running a major EU-funded project to investigate how datasets from various parties can be used to detect images of child sexual abuse.

The fight against online sexual abuse of minors is one of the greatest challenges of this century. Illegally shared images and videos sometimes circulate on the internet for years, meaning victims are continuously re-victimised.

The project

The purpose behind this new initiative is to increase the speed with which online CSAM can be detected and removed from the internet. The project begins with mapping different CSAM datasets. Every image or video within these datasets has certain characteristics, which are encoded into a hash. With these hashes, images of child sexual abuse can be traced. The project aims to build a solid foundation against CSAM by collecting hash databases and making them accessible to all parties involved in the fight against CSAM. The project will run for a year and a half, from March 2021 to August 2022.

The method

The first step of the project is to map out the existing CSAM datasets and screen them for legal and technical gaps. In the next step, recommendations will be formed for the development of new, advanced datasets that are suitable for use by all parties and enable classification of CSAM at different levels. This includes reviewing and possibly adapting database content and infrastructure according to predefined requirements. A specific solution will then be tested and validated to enable private sector parties, including image hosting services within the EU, to perform voluntary detection and removal of known online CSAM. In addition, the participating organisations will work on an integrated and large-scale campaign to make the results of the project known to a large audience.

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EOKM and PwC start international project in fight against CSAM
07.04.2021 - by EOKM

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