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What is the Model National Response?

Launched in 2015 by the WeProtect Global Alliance, the Model National Response provides countries with a theoretical framework for coordinating a national response to the problem of online child sexual exploitation.

The Model National Response supports countries to:

  • Assess its current response and identify gaps
  • Prioritise national efforts to fill gaps
  • Enhance international understanding and cooperation

The Model National Response is available as a one-page summary. In collaboration with EVAC and UNICEF, WeProtect have also compiled a catalogue of working examples of implementation of the Model across countries and organisations in order to help turn theory into practice.

Key Capabilities

The Model outlines 21 key capabilities, including legislation, helplines and hotlines, education programmes and universal terminology, which are organised according to six categories:

  • Policy and Governance
  • Criminal Justice
  • Victim
  • Societal
  • Industry
  • Media and Communications

Each of these six focus areas are complementary in coordinating an effective response to online child sexual exploitation. The capabilities are all outlined with a definition, an explanation of why it is needed, some points of good practice, and additional resources for further guidance and support.

The Role of INHOPE

The INHOPE Network is central to two of the capabilities listed in the Model.

Capability 12 - CSEA Hotline
Having a dedicated hotline online which can work in partnership with industry and law enforcement is essential for ensuring the public can easily report suspected CSAM they come across, the content can be removed and the victim can be identified. Hotlines working within the INHOPE network ensures that common procedures and principles of best practice are followed, and that CSAM can be eradicated from the internet no matter where it is found across the globe.

Capability 16 - Takedown Procedures
In providing guidance and support to companies in developing effective Takedown Procedures, INHOPE helps ensure CSAM can be removed, in turn ensuring platforms are safer for users and preventing revictimization of the individual depicted in the material.

The INHOPE Network also plays an active role in many other aspects of the Model National Response, including: research, analysis and monitoring, which they contribute to with data on reporting patterns; legislation, through advocacy work both at the national and international level; supporting Law Enforcement investigations by processing and sharing data from reports of CSAM; and innovative solution development such as with the development of AviaTor.

INHOPE has been a strong supporter of WeProtect since its inception and is one of a small number of civil society organisations represented on the WeProtect Board.

What is the Model National Response?
25.08.2021 - by INHOPE

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