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What is Report Box?

Report Box is a software application which enables hotlines to receive, store and process reports of suspected Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) from the public in a safe and secure environment.

How does Report Box work?

With Report Box, approved organisations can create a simple reporting form for the public to submit reports of suspected CSAM. These reports can then be processed by analysts at the hotline via our secure portal ICCAM, used by the whole INHOPE network to process and share reports.

Check out this video for a short summary.

Report Box is a plug and play solution so is easy and straight forward to use, but support is always available at

Why is Report Box needed?

Having a national hotlines means having experts who are specialized in tackling CSAM, fighting on your behalf for the tools to be developed, legislation to be improved and local stakeholders to be supported. At INHOPE, we believe the public in every country deserve a dedicated response team, there to help when CSAM is found online.

As the global leader fighting online CSAM, INHOPE already supports 46 hotlines around the world. Up until now, joining the INHOPE network required hotlines to create and design their own individual reporting mechanism for suspected CSAM. Report Box provides a solution for organisations for whom this requirement posed an obstacle to operating their own national hotline.

How can an organisation start using Report Box?

Report Box is for organisations that are in the process of becoming a hotline (find out more below). Eligible organisations should get in touch at to get access to the Report Box demo.

INHOPE will train you in using Report Box, and provide a technical helpdesk that can answer your questions. Report Box currently works for one user, in one language, per organisation (June 2021). However it's going to become a multi-language, multi-user tool. It is now in the Beta version so is constantly being developed.

Learn more about Report Box here.

How can an organisation become a hotline?

Many different kinds of organisations can become a hotline (Non-Governmental Organisations, Regulatory Authorities, ISP Associations, trade bodies). The important thing is that your organisation wants to join the movement to create an internet free of CSAM, keep children safer and cut supply of online CSAM so that demand decreases too.

INHOPE can support potential hotlines in setting up collaboration agreements or memoranda of understanding with important stakeholders and implementing the INHOPE quality standards. Once hotlines are up and running, they will be guided through the INHOPE Membership application process with ongoing support, training and capacity building.

Learn more about becoming a hotline here.

If you're from a country which doesn't currently have a hotline, and you think you might be eligible, find out more by getting in touch via or visiting our website.

What is Report Box?
18.08.2021 - by INHOPE

If you're from a country which doesn't currently have a hotline, and you think you might be eligible, find out more by getting in touch via or visiting our website