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Telefono Azzurro Launches Course for Secondary School Teachers

In September, Telefono Azzurro will launch a course for secondary school teachers entitled “Comportamenti rischiosi online” (Risky online behaviours), which will be available on Telefono Azzurro’s website in the Azzurro Academy section - as part of the Safer Internet Centre Project.

This course will address various themes, such as the use of the internet and social media platforms by young people, online safety, the risks that children and adolescents face online (among them, child sexual abuse and exploitation, cyberbullying, grooming, sexting and sextortion) and their consequences on children’s mental health. The course consists of video lectures by academics and experts and comprehensive downloadable materials.

Digital technologies can adversely impact children’s mental health. Protecting children and adolescents against harmful and illegal content in the digital environment is key to preserving their online safety and well-being. Telefono Azzuro commits to strengthening protection for children from risks and potential online threats to ensure children’s rights are promoted and fulfilled within a digital context.

The course shows the negative effects of excessive or incorrect internet use on children’s physical and mental well-being. Specifically, the course aims to provide teachers with advice to undertake informative initiatives with their classes and raise awareness of the habits and behaviours that should be adopted to use social media platforms safely and responsibly. Moreover, it is also intended to guide adolescents towards a safer and more conscious use of digital tools, and therefore, promote a prudent use of digital technologies.

Access Azzurro Academy’s course here.

Telefono Azzurro Launches Course for Secondary School Teachers
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Access Azzurro Academy’s course here