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Telefono Azzuro Celebrates SID 2024

On February 5th and 6th 2024, in the context of Safer Internet Day celebrations, Telefono Azzurro organised two roundtable events both in Milan and Rome entitled “Ci arriva anche un bambino” (“Even a child can reach it”).

This two-day event brings together high-level experts to reflect on the potential opportunities and risks posed by Artificial Intelligence for children and young people. During these events, Telefono Azzurro presented the findings of a research study, conducted in collaboration with Doxa, which shows figures and data on the potential impact - both positive and adverse - of AI for children and adolescents.

The primary goal of this two-day discussion was to address child protection in the age of AI technologies, acknowledging the necessity of strengthening collaboration among institutions, policymakers, tech companies, and civil society to provide effective responses and uphold children’s rights. Panellists stressed the need to design child-centred AI policies and implement appropriate regulations to promote safe and responsible AI use for young users and safeguard their human rights.

Moreover, the conferences highlighted the importance of intensifying concerted efforts to educate children and young people to prevent them from becoming victims of online child sexual abuse. These efforts are essential to advance the development of safe and trustworthy AI systems and develop child-sensitive solutions that enable children to fully enjoy their basic rights in their interactions with AI technologies.

Enhanced cooperation and joint initiatives are of utmost importance to maximise efforts to achieve the shared objective of ensuring that AI systems are safe, inclusive, and respectful of children’s rights. Visit Telefono Azzurro.

Telefono Azzuro Celebrates SID 2024
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