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Notice & Takedown

What is a Notice and Takedown order?

A Notice and Takedown order is a procedure for asking an Internet and Electronic Service Provider (ISP/ESP) or search engine to immediately remove or disable access to illegal, irrelevant or outdated information hosted on their services.
INHOPE hotlines send notices and Takedown orders to ISPs/ESPs when a member of the public sends them a URL containing illegal images and videos depicting child sexual abuse and exploitation, often referred to as child sexual abuse material—CSAM.

How is CSAM removed from the internet?

We take a look at public perception versus reality. Different countries follow different procedures involving different stakeholders, who process the report in different orders, using different approaches, whilst applying different laws.

Download the full NTD Publication here to understand the reality.

Notice & Takedown

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We take a look at public perception versus reality.