INHOPE | Meet Ian, INHOPE's new Project Manager

Meet Ian, INHOPE's new Project Manager

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Ian Hulme

Project Manager, joined INHOPE in January 2023.

Why do you work at INHOPE?

Having previously worked for a Hotline 10 years ago (the IWF), I was well aware of the great work that INHOPE achieves through dedication and strong partnerships. When I saw that they were hiring for a remote position I had to apply. I have an extensive background in Trust & Safety, working with industry, non-profits, and law enforcement worldwide to moderate and regulate user-generated content. I’m excited to bring my experience to the Global Standard project!

How do you spend your weekends?

Just before the pandemic, I got bit by the cycling bug, and you can find me cycling the English countryside (when it’s not too wet). I set a goal each January and the goal this year is to cycle at least 5,000 KM. I also have two young children so it’s a lot of parks and day trips.

What’s a fun fact about you?

During my University days, I was pen-pals with Patrick Stewart, he was the patron of my University and I won a competition to regularly converse with him over email.

What’s a life lesson you value?

Do unto others; so I’m not religious by any stretch but I always try to treat people with respect and apply a positive approach to situations.

Favourite inspirational quote?

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

So yes it’s a Star Trek quote, I love my sci-fi. But the statement works for me in the sense that we should look at cultivating and growing society with the aim of making the lives of many better. The wealth imbalance within our species is worrisome and the gap between the working class and the mega-wealthy is getting bigger and bigger. Projects and organisations that aim to better the lives of people are truly inspiring.

Meet Ian, INHOPE's new Project Manager