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Launch of the first European Virtual Forum

We are pleased to announce that INHOPE will be hosting "Exploitation is Abuse" as the topic of its first European Virtual Forum (EVF) in 2023. This event will deepen our understanding of the challenges of combatting child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and child sexual exploitation material (CSEM) at the same time as expanding our global collaboration to achieve the best impact in fighting it. Hosted in the Netherlands, the EVF will be an online-only event to ensure that all speakers and participants can easily join.

Join us to connect with established experts, including business leaders, law enforcement, tech development companies, INHOPE hotlines, Trust & Safety teams and others. We will refocus our attention on CSEM to shine a light on current trends and how it’s being fought today.

The two-day interactive forum with the topic of "Exploitation is Abuse" will start with a day that focuses on current trends in CSAM and CSEM production and distribution followed by a second day that explores current obstacles and opportunities in CSAM and CSEM removal.

  • Day 1 will explore the current landscape of CSAM and CSEM production and distribution and identify priority topics for the INHOPE network based on global and European trends. Outcomes of this day will be priorities identified and the discussion results on whether different approaches are necessary to tackle exploitation material versus abuse material
  • Day 2 will review the need for CSEM reporting and processing. Discussions on the legislative landscape and content removal restrictions will be followed by breakout sessions to discuss and share best practices. The goal of this day is to support hotline capacity in combatting CSEM and expand the notice and takedown procedures to include CSEM.

Who is the European Virtual Forum for?

We welcome Trust and Safety Professionals, Content moderators, Child Protection NGOs, Technology companies, Law Enforcement, Hotlines, Policymakers, Government and stakeholders working in the field of online child protection.

When and where is the European Virtual Forum taking place?

March 22 10:30 CET to 16:30 CET
March 23 10:30 CET to 16:00 CET

The European Virtual Forum is online only. We will be using Microsoft Teams and all approved attendees will be sent a meeting placeholder upon approval. Their individual access link will be sent 24 hours prior.

Should I join the European Virtual Forum?

The hard reality is that reports of CSAM and CSEM are skyrocketing around the world. Our hotlines are seeing a huge increase in cases and with that increase come challenges. Tackling these challenges requires collaborative efforts and the support of different stakeholders. If you are interested in joining we recommend that you register early as all registrants are subject to approval and registrations close on March 17th at 5 pm CET.

Learn more and register here.

We are happy to answer any and all questions you have via

This event is funded by the European Commission as part of the Better Internet for Kids Programme under the Connecting Europe Facility of the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.

Launch of the first European Virtual Forum

The EVF will expand our global collaboration by offering more accessibility. Register now to save your spot here!