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INCIBE signs Agreement with Spanish Prosecutor's Office

The Attorney General, Álvaro García Ortiz, and the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, have signed a collaboration agreement to help fight sexual abuse of minors online.

The Attorney General's Office, through its Cybercrime Unit, and INCIBE will collaborate within the framework of INCIBE's hotline service to improve the processes of detection, criminal prosecution and removal of child sexual abuse content. The agreement complies with international regulations and EU strategies in the fight against these criminal phenomena and will enhance the value of INCIBE's hotline as a member of the INHOPE international network of hotlines.

Actionable Steps

  • Advance INCIBE's action as a hotline by transferring potential child sexual abuse content to the Public Prosecutor's Office, which will initiate proceedings if it detects evidence of a crime in the notifications sent in order to speed up their removal from the Internet.

  • Facilitate the monitoring and statistical control by INCIBE of the effectiveness and efficiency of the reporting procedures and, in particular, of the effectiveness of the removal of suspected criminal content from the Internet.

  • Speed up dialogue with digital service providers with a view to adopting the necessary measures to disable access to illicit content, while respecting the preservation of the chain of custody of evidence for subsequent police action.

  • Contribute to the international fight by sending identified child pornography content hosted outside Spanish territory to the international INHOPE network.

    Read more about the agreement here.

INCIBE signs Agreement with Spanish Prosecutor's Office