ICCAM Satisfaction Survey 2021 Results

For the purpose of continuous improvement of INHOPE’s work and the ICCAM system, an annual satisfaction survey is conducted among ICCAM users. The key objective of this survey is to identify improvements and satisfaction levels with ICCAM and INHOPE's services. The survey was filled in this year by 34 Hotline analysts.

Overall satisfaction with ICCAM has increased substantially. In 2019, 48% of respondents rated their satisfaction as good or excellent and in 2020 this amounted to 61%. In 2021, this amounted to 82% of respondents. In 2021, 97% rated their satisfaction as average, good or high.

ICCAM latest improvements were rated 44% as good or excellent and 45% average, with no ratings of very poor.

Regarding the satisfaction with specific aspects of the ICCAM implementation, the statistics that can be extracted from ICCAM is assessed the lowest out of all aspects of ICCAM and the appropriateness of the ICCAM workflow to allow standardised information exchange between hotlines globally remained the highest.

Satisfaction with INHOPE project coordination has also seen an improvement over the past years. In 2019, 75% of respondents rated their satisfaction as good or excellent. This rating was 87% in both 2020 and 2021.

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