Partnership Benefits

INHOPE enables a cleaner internet for families and children

As a network of internet hotlines offering the public a way of anonymously reporting child sexual abuse material on the Internet, and striving to make the internet a better, safer place for children, digital citizens, which include you, your children and families and your colleagues, INHOPE and its member hotlines enable a cleaner, safer, better internet for all of us.
In an era of unprecedented development and opportunity, the tech-industry, including mobile operators, ISPs and ESPs are all faced with challenges and a growing need to consider the safety and security of our children in the digital world.

“INHOPE has grown from a small group of Hotlines based in Europe, into a global reporting network making ground-breaking impact in tackling online child sexual abuse material. I fully support INHOPE in its mission to eliminate online child sexual abuse material. It is vital that INHOPE is supported and resourced by the technology industry and any business that has any online presence today, to fully develop the potential of the network.”
Troels Oerting, Head, World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity

Supporting INHOPE enables your company to do the following:

  • Showcase the active steps taken by Industry to protect children and consumers
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the self-regulatory model in tackling online CSAM
  • Mobilise support for one of the most pressing social issues of the digital age, addressing online child sexual abuse, reducing re-victimisation, and enabling digital citizens to surf safely and take responsibility for protecting children on the Internet
  • Achieve CSR objectives;
  • Motivate employees;
  • Support the lobbying of robust and consistent standards, quality and legislation across borders.

INHOPE works with Industry partners to achieve its shared goal of protecting children online. Become an INHOPE Partner today by joining INHOPE's Funding Partner Plan.