INHOPE | EVAC- Developments in Network Expansion

EVAC- Developments in Network Expansion

Since October 2020, with funding from End Violence Against Children (EVAC), INHOPE has been supporting organisations in priority countries in setting up national reporting hotlines. We are now sharing the developments and success achieved over the last two years.

CRCA, Albania

After a successful Quality Assurance Programme (QAP) visit in Tirana in 2021, CRCA has received all the necessary documents for a full membership application. With its one-year provisional membership coming to an end, Albania is now applying for a full membership starting in November 2022. The Albanian hotline CRCA has implemented all necessary recommendations and INHOPE requirements and will be attending its first in-person Hotline Training Meeting (HTM) in November 2022.

CNZD, Serbia

After a year of provisional membership, Serbia is applying for full membership in November 2022. CNZD has adhered to INHOPE's recommendations and completed all the requirements as described in the QAP that took place in early 2022. CNZD will attend its first HTM in person upcoming November.


INHOPE is working closely with Child Fund Vietnam and World Vision Vietnam, as well as the Vietnamese government to establish an INHOPE member hotline in 2023. A roundtable is being coordinated with colleagues from the Marie Collins Foundation, a UK-based, EVAC-supported organisation focused on providing appropriate support for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The roundtable will take place in Hanoi, in the second quarter of 2023


INHOPE is currently working with two Indian organisations to establish regional hotlines in India. We are establishing contacts with relevant stakeholders with the aim of setting up a hotline by the end of 2023.


Moldova is in the process of becoming part of the INHOPE network by June 2023. The Network Expansion and Capacity Building team has attended several roundtables in 2021 and 2022 in the country to support the Public Association International Center „La Strada” in stakeholder meetings. Two La Strada representatives, local law enforcement and a public prosecutor will attend the HTM in November 2022 to receive training from INHOPE.


INHOPE was introduced to EVAC-funded Deaf Reach and DeafKidz International and is currently exploring the establishment of a hotline in Pakistan. We are looking forward to welcoming representatives from Pakistan to the HTM in November to demonstrate the impact and importance of collaborations within the INHOPE network - on a national and international level.


Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, plans to set up a national reporting hotline had to be put on hold. Notwithstanding, INHOPE is now working with the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Commissioner of the President for the Rights of Children and Children Rehabilitation on discussing the first steps of establishing a hotline. Together, we have been making progress to identify the most appropriate civil society organisations to begin the process of setting up a hotline. In November 2022 the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation will be attending the HTM to address digital safety challenges in a time of war.

Documents and Activities funded by EVAC

Thanks to the continuous support from EVAC, the INHOPE network expansion team was able to develop additional documents and guides for organisations currently in the process of developing a new hotline:

  • Regionalisation Tool
    The Regionalisation Tool helps to identify where the establishment of a hotline needs to be prioritised. More than eighty countries have been assessed and are represented in the tool. The tool is used to prioritise target countries and to identify appropriate stakeholders for operating a national hotline. The tool also allows viewing visual progress in a country as well as the organisation the network expansion team is collaborating with. INHOPE is currently working on making this tool publicly available to our partners over Sway, a Microsoft application.

  • Quarterly Seminars
    To make establishing a hotline more accessible, INHOPE has launched a series of Quarterly Seminars, during which our network expansion team outlines the first steps of setting up a national hotline. Different from a one-on-one meeting, the seminars taking place every three months at 10:30 AM CET, offer all attending stakeholders an open space for discussion - not only with the INHOPE network expansion team but with each other. By facilitating open conversations the seminars provide the opportunity for attendees to ask questions, raise concerns, make suggestions and establish new connections with relevant partners. Considering the increasing number of stakeholders in South and Central America, starting in 2023 the Quarterly Seminars will also be offered in Spanish at 4:00 PM CET.

  • Hotline Creation Timeline
    The process of establishing a hotline is never straightforward, which can be a big challenge for stakeholders and potential hotlines. This is why in 2021 INHOPE created a timeline that outlines all the crucial steps to creating a hotline. While the timeline started out as a template we are proud to provide each organisation with a tailor-made timeline entirely adapted to its specific needs. Recently, the timeline has been re-designed to more clearly reflect each step of meeting INHOPE membership requirements.

  • Business Plan for Sustainability
    A Business Plan template has been created to support and guide organisations that may not have the means or knowledge to approach stakeholders for funding or sponsorship. It contains a summary of INHOPE, a place to state the mission and vision of the organisation, a budget proposal for two fiscal years, and an explanation of these costs.

  • Letter of Collaboration and Commitment
    INHOPE provides organisations with a collaboration letter, which clarifies a commitment between INHOPE and the potential hotline. This letter provides credibility and therefore supports organisations in establishing contacts with national stakeholders.

  • One Pager with Cost Estimates
    INHOPE has created a one-pager with cost estimates intended to be a guide for financial planning for a potential hotline as they start to estimate the costs of implementing an INHOPE hotline.

  • Organogram Template
    The Organogram template was developed to assist potential hotlines and INHOPE in identifying relevant stakeholders in the first stages of hotline creation.

Does your country have a hotline? If the answer is no we can help you change that! Join our next Quarterly Seminar to learn all about the first steps of setting up a national reporting hotline.

EVAC- Developments in Network Expansion


Does your country have a hotline? If the answer is no we can help you change that! Join our next Quarterly Seminar to learn all about the first steps of setting up a national reporting hotline.