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ECPAT Sweden launches a helpline for parents

ECPAT Sweden has launched a special help service for parents, consisting of a website and a helpline. The aim is to support parents and other important adults in matters concerning sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children.

Since last year's launch of “YourECPAT” – their helpline for children, it has become evident that children seldom dare or want to talk to their parents if something bad has happened, online or offline. Too many children are afraid that parents won't understand, or worse – that they will react with anger rather than support and help. This new service aims to provide knowledge about child sexual abuse as well as advice and support in matters such as how adults can talk to children about sexual abuse in an age-appropriate way, when and how to talk about risks online and how to give support if something bad has happened.

ECPAT Sweden gains unique expertise through their hotline and the helpline for children (Forepart). They want and need to convey the knowledge they possess to parents and other adults to strengthen them in their role to support children close to them.

ECPAT Sweden launches a helpline for parents
11.11.2021 - by ECPAT Sweden
Photo by ECPAT Sweden

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