INHOPE is the global network combatting online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The network consists of over 45 hotlines in more than 40 countries that provide the public with a way to anonymously report illegal content online with a focus on CSAM. Reports are reviewed by content analysts who classify the illegality of the material, which is shared with national Law Enforcement Agencies and a notice and takedown order is sent to the relevant Hosting Provider.

Our Key Pillars

We support hotlines and their partner organisations through training, setting high quality standards and best practices for hotline operations, and ensuring staff welfare.

We provide the hotline network with a secure platform called ICCAM that facilitates the exchange of CSAM reports between hotlines and INTERPOL.

INHOPE advocates for legislative and policy changes to support our vision of an internet free from CSAM.

Our Objectives

Raise awareness: we need to inform the public of what to report and where, as well as educate policy makers at the international level, including government, law enforcement and other related bodies, with the aim of achieving better co-operation internationally.

Grow Partnerships: we continue to work with a diverse mix of government agencies, inter-governmental organisations, civil society organisations (including child welfare), industry-sponsored initiatives and other private sector partners.

Expand our global network: we are working to expand the network of INHOPE hotlines around the world by identifying and supporting new hotlines to become members by providing consultation and training to meet best practice standards.

Exchange expertise: establish policies and best practice standards for hotlines and encourage exchange of expertise among members through fostering good working relationships and trust.

Quality assurance: to ensure effective response to illegal content reports around the world by developing consistent, effective and secure mechanisms for exchanging reports between hotlines internationally, and ensuring a coordinated approach is taken.

INHOPE is based in the Netherlands and our member hotlines operate across six continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North and South America. In a borderless digital world CSAM has global consequences and as its distribution grows so do our efforts. This is only possible with the support and funding by the European Commission under the Better Internet for Kids programme implemented as part of the Connecting Europe Facility Programme.