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20 Years of Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an annual worldwide campaign promoting a safe digital environment for all. Each year SID raises awareness of emerging online safety issues such as cyberbullying, hate speech, misuse of data and exposure to harmful content.

What started in 2004 as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project, over the years, has become a landmark event in every online safety calendar. The very first Safer Internet Day, which was celebrated in fourteen countries, has since grown beyond its European borders and has become a key online safety event celebrated in over 180 countries around the world. Every year, in early February, stakeholders in child protection, join forces to advocate for this unique initiative. This year, on February 7th we're celebrating a milestone - the 20th edition of Safer Internet Day, under the recurring theme of “Together for a better internet."

Twenty Years of Impact

Over the last twenty years, the reach and impact of Safer Internet Day have grown immensely. And while the true value of SID cannot be described in just numbers, the following milestones show a glimpse into the measurable growth this initiative has achieved over the years.

  • Safer Internet Day has grown into a truly global initiative with supporters from over 180 countries worldwide compared to 14 countries in 2004.

  • On TikTok, the #SaferInternetDay hashtag has been viewed 67.7 million times as demonstrated in the 2022 SID report.

  • Over the 2022 reporting period (8 January 2022 – 12 February 2022), the @SafeInternetDay account earned 15.7 million impressions.

  • SID support from influential stakeholders keeps growing each year, last year actors like Google, United Nations, WHO, UNICEF, the European Commission, Twitter Safety, UN Women, FBI, the Royal Family and INC India used their platforms to express their support and advocate for a better internet.

  • During SID 2022, the hashtags #SID2022 and #SaferInternetDay were trending on Twitter throughout the day.

  • Each year, millions of people come together on SID - across Europe and across the globe - to show their support for creating a safer and better internet in a wide-ranging of actions. Indeed, in 2021, SID celebrations in the UK broke a Guinness World RecordTM for ‘Most pledges received for an internet safety campaign in 24 hours,' with a total of 16,372 pledges

Do You Want to Participate?

Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of facilitating a safe online experience for all, especially young users while encouraging global action from different stakeholders.

An estimated one in three people who use the internet are children under the age of eighteen. Simultaneously, children are one of the most vulnerable groups online and far from every young person using the internet is appropriately equipped to navigate digital spaces safely. As a partner of SID, each year INHOPE hotline members rise to the occasion and organise a range of events and activities from conferences to social media campaigns to raise awareness, educate and inform young people, teachers, parents, carers and guardians on how to be safe online. The Safer Internet Day slogan "Together for a better internet" encourages everyone to join the movement, to participate and to make the most of the internet's potential to bring people together. With a global, community-led approach, Safer Internet Day encourages everyone to come together and play their part. Find out how you can get involved .


This year, February 7th represents the day everyone comes together for a better internet. But digital safety is not a one-day event, and we recognise the importance of advocating for this cause all year round. This is why under the umbrella of Safer Internet Day, INHOPE is launching a year-long mini-series under the SID tagline "Together for a better internet."

Every second Tuesday of the month will be dedicated to publishing resources related to creating a better and safer internet for all. We will discuss relevant topics such as non-consensual intimate images, the importance of digital literacy, online grooming and many more.

If you want to follow the INHOPE mini-series "Together for a better internet" watch out for our social media posts with the hashtag #Togetherforabetterinternet.

We are proud to support Safer Internet Day and contribute to all efforts that raise online safety awareness. Support SID by getting to know your local Safer Internet Centre.

Safer Internet Day would not be possible without the support of the European Union. Currently, the funding is provided by the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF). In the future, actions will be funded through the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL). Find out more about the European Commission’s new European strategy for a better internet for kids (BIK+) on the EC website.

20 Years of Safer Internet Day

Support SID by getting to know your local Safer Internet Centre