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INHOPE Summit.
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Discover how INHOPE supports its global network of hotlines, provides a technological infrastructure, and advocates for change.

Our third annual INHOPE Summit is centered around how we all have a role in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). We will look at past cases, deliver industry presentations, provide technology demonstrations to together fighting crime in the 21st Century.

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Virtual Conference, 22-23 September

Virtual Conference, 22-23 September


23-year-old James in Paris stumbles across CSAM, horrified by what he sees and unsure of what to do, he is immediately worried he could get arrested.

James determines he must do something, so he searches the web for solutions and finds French hotline ‘Point de Contact’. Two minutes later, having filed a report, he feels a weight off his shoulders. James’ report is sent to NCMEC’s CyberTipline as the hosting provider is based in America. 30 hours after James comes across CSAM, it is gone.

Society cannot rely on James alone.

Help James! Join the INHOPE Summit and learn from industry experts.

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Day 1

  • Introduction to INHOPE - Support James in the fight against CSAM.
  • The victim is at the center of everything we do: an analysts account of past cases
  • Demonstrating technology that tackles CSAM: ICCAM, Reportbox & AviaTor
  • The importance of industry in the fight against CSAM online
  • How to get the message out: the challenges and proactive steps to take.
  • Creating change through core values

Day 2 - Morning

  • Panel Discussion
  1. Topic 1: Preventing the spread of CSAM on social networks
  2. Topic 2: Finding the solution: having the right people, processes and policies in place
  • Expectations versus reality: preparing for change in the mobile industry

Day 2 - Afternoon

Breakout Sessions (max 15 per room. Structure: 15 min breakout, followed by a 5 min presentation 10 min open discussion per group)

  1. Room 1 “Using Artificial Intelligence in the fight against CSAM online."
  2. Room 2 “The impact of law and policies in the fight against CSAM online
  3. Room 3 “Prevention strategies - stopping the problem at its core."
  4. Room 4 “Fighting crime in the 21st Century.

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Past, Present and Future

INHOPE's Annual Summit

2020 - Report it

Virtual Conference


Our third annual INHOPE Summit is centered around how we all have a role in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

  • Date (September 22-23)
  • Location (Virtual Conference - Zoom)
  • Sign-up (closed)

2019 - Emma's Journey

Facebook, California


During out second US Summit we highlighted how the INHOPE network of hotlines removes online images
and videos of an eight-year old girl named 'Emma'. We discussed the journey of a report, the steps that are taken by the INHOPE network, the role ICCAM plays in preventing revictimisation, and the role that businesses play in preventing online CSAM, technologies that combat online CSAM.

  • Date (June 5)
  • Location (Facebook, Menlo Park, California)
  • Attendee (44)

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2018 - Power of Technology

Microsoft, Seattle


The first INHOPE Summit was a platform to raise awareness of issue of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online, by understanding the demand of such content and the efforts to combat CSAM - highlighting the crucial role of INHOPE hotlines and the impact of ICCAM.

  • Date (September 26-27)
  • Location (Microsoft, Quinault, Building 34,Redmond WA 98052)
  • Attendees (34)

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