INHOPE | Meet Christina, INHOPEs new Project Associate

Meet Christina, INHOPEs new Project Associate

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Christina Christoforou Livani

Project Associate joined INHOPE in November 2022.

Why did you move to the Netherlands?

I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my master's at Erasmus School of Economics in the Policy Economics Program in 2021. After completing my studies, I aimed to extend my stay in the country because I admire the Dutch culture and love exploring the country's nature! Also, I got used to biking around and felt like this was a skill I don’t want to give up, so finding a job in NL felt like the right choice.

Why do you work at INHOPE?

Working at a place that is linked to such a purpose and creates social change, especially when it comes to protecting a vulnerable group like children, is very important to me.

How has your background shaped who you are?

I was born and raised on a Greek island, called Zakynthos, and although I feel glad, I had the chance to experience the beauty of the Greek blue sea, the amazing cuisine and a warm-hearted culture with a long history, I have always felt like missing out on belonging in a more diverse and multi-cultural environment. As they say for small communities “Whatever is not mirrored in society, it is doomed to disappear” – and that has been a concern of mine that became a motivation for my life.

Getting to know only certain identities of myself that were evident in this small community was never enough, thus the motivation to explore myself more and grow through interacting with different people, communities and cultures, led me to travel a lot, move and live in different countries and learn to appreciate the beauty in unique forms. I tend to learn from everyone, and the more I learn the more modest I become.

What do you do outside of office hours?

I enjoy going to the cinema, meeting with friends and going bouldering which has become a new passion of mine.

Meet Christina, INHOPEs new Project Associate