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The joint Insafe-INHOPE network releases its Annual Report for 2013

May 09, 2014

The joint Insafe-INHOPE network has released its Annual Report 2013 outlining the many successes of the two networks and providing updates from each of the 31 country-based Safer Internet Centres across Europe. In summary, 2013 was an excellent year for the joint network. Network expansion was high on the agenda, as we welcomed a new Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in Serbia.

Interaction with industry, national or local governments, regulatory bodies and research institutes greatly increased, and Insafe and INHOPE are now working with more than 2,000 contacts. Insafe reached more than 15 million people across (and beyond) Europe, with over 3,000 children and teenagers regularly involved in youth participation activities across the network. And this does not include the secondary impact of the many thousands of events, training activities and school visits that were conducted. The Insafe Helplines scaled up their work considerably, recording more than 60,000 counselling sessions over the year, the majority of which related to cyberbullying, online relationships and online privacy.

INHOPE strengthened its coverage with new Association member hotlines in Brazil, Croatia and Serbia while its charitable arm, the INHOPE Foundation launched start-up activities for the development of three new hotlines in emerging countries, which are Colombia, Kazakhstan and Thailand. In parallel with this, EC-funded INHOPE Hotlines processed well over 200,000 reports of potentially illegal content.

Safer Internet Day (SID), the annual February event coordinated by Insafe, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013 and was yet again a resounding success. Over 100 countries worldwide actively participated, relaying the ‘Connect with Respect’ motto while promoting online rights and responsibilities. SID 2013 proved a highly engaging edition, certainly in terms of awareness raising, as the message reached tens of millions of people through social media and offline campaigning.

Throughout the year, INHOPE reported substantial improvement in the time taken to remove child sexual abuse material from the internet. Protecting minors against online and offline threats is an area of shared responsibility and this is precisely why INHOPE signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Europol.

In October, the Safer Internet Forum (SIF) gathered in Brussels, with over 300 participants from 65 countries to discuss the latest trends, risks and innovative solutions in the field of child online safety. Organised and funded by the European Commission under the Safer Internet Programme and entitled “A Better Internet with You(th)”, young people worked with parents, educators, industry, politicians and the Commission in interactive plenary and parallel workshop debates to look at how creativity, entrepreneurship and cooperation can open online opportunities and build a better internet for all.

Consolidating their position as world-leading and trusted promoters of digital safety and empowerment, the Insafe and INHOPE networks effectively engaged in multi-stakeholder dialogue. For instance, they ensured their voices, concerns and suggestions were heard at the Internet Governance Forum in Bali (Indonesia) where Insafe held a successful workshop.

On an operational level, closer cooperation between the two networks was improved through regional meetings of neighbouring SICs to foster mutual learning, facilitate knowledge sharing, and to identify and scale up best practice.

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