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Bulgarian hotline success from report of grooming disguised as sexting

December 06, 2012

Recently several cases have been reported to the INHOPE - Bulgarian Hotline demonstrating the tactics used by some online predators to sexually groom minors. As sexting has become a wide practice of minors globally, some paedophiles use it to disguise their real intentions and collect illegal sexually explicit images of the victims.

In a typical case which resulted in the arrest of a man on December 6th, the predator befriended a 13-year old boy on Facebook through a fake profile of a 12-year old girl. Subsequently he took the boy out of Facebook to Skype and using similar fake accounts started "sexting" the boy by conversation about sexual matters and showing interest in him. The boy was solicited to show his intimate parts and execute sexual acts in front of the web-camera believing that he was communicating with a girl of the same age. The case was reported to the Hotline by the mother of the boy.

Upon arrest the Cybercrime Unit investigators found out that the predator had used the same tactics with at least 3 other boys of approximately the same age as the first victim.

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