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December 16, 2011

Declaration of Rome -  A call for global action to protect the worlds children and stop the abuse of their rights

International Center for Missing & Exploited Children in collaboration with Telefono Azzurro (INHOPE Member) have launched the "Declaration of Rome" - 3 November 2011

Each child is precious. Each child is endowed by his creator with basic human rights. Yet, the rights of millions of children each year are abused and violated. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child spells out the rights of the world’s children in 54 articles.


  1. That the attendees of this Roman Forum join in a unified call for greater global awareness and action to eradicate the abuse and exploitation of the world’s children and commit to undertake a global awareness campaign.
  2. That a global summit be convened, involving heads of state, leaders of international bodies, business leaders and other world figures to identify new cooperative actions to eradicate the abuse and exploitation of the world’s children.
  3. That world leaders commit to undertake a concerted effort to dismantle the system of supply and demand that keeps the sale and marketing of children robust across the globe.
  4. That leaders of the world’s great religions become engaged in proactive efforts to inform and mobilize members of every faith to join in a global movement to protect the world’s children.
  5. That parliaments around the world examine their existing laws and enact new, improved laws to better protect children and to hold those accountable who abuse and exploit children.
  6. That leaders of technology companies commit to develop and implement new tools and technologies to attack the proliferation of sex abuse images on the Internet and interdict the redistribution of the images of identified child victims.
  7. That leaders of the financial industry, the information industry and other key industries join together in voluntary coalitions to better attack the problem of abuse and sexual exploitation.
  8. That the attendees of this Roman Forum urge the creation of a global initiative to improve the recognition and identification of child victims, and ensure help for the massive numbers of hidden victims of child abuse and sexual exploitation.
  9. That physicians and medical institutions around the world enhance training for medical professionals in recognizing the warning signs of abuse and sexual exploitation, and improve the reporting and treatment of such abuse and sexual exploitation.
  10. That physicians, medical institutions and social services agencies ensure that adequate and appropriate treatment and support is provided to the victims of child sexual abuse, and that steps be taken to ensure that these children are not re-victimized during or after their treatment.
  11. That governments and private institutions enhance resources available to psychiatric and other treatment professionals for expanded treatment and rehabilitation services for children who have been trafficked, exploited or abused.
  12. That mental health and criminal justice institutions implement research-based, clinically-proven treatment programs for sex abusers, and that effective systems be developed for measuring the effectiveness of such treatment in order to minimize recidivism.
  13. That public and private institutions place greater emphasis on the role of the family in nurturing and protecting children, and that efforts be undertaken globally to strengthen families in every nation and every culture.
  14. That each individual around the world recognizes a child as a human being with his or her own dignity and rights, as an individual person who has a voice which should be heard. That young people contribute to their own and other children's safety by taking part in discussions and providing advice to policy-makers, parents and teachers.
  15. That national leaders commit to build national centers in their countries and cooperative regional centers in their geographic regions to focus on creating a better, more effective and coordinated response to cases of child abduction, child trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  16. That all governments should create a senior-level position within their government responsible for children’s rights to advise the head of state, advocate for basic changes domestically and internationally to better protect children, and to serve as the top official in the country charged with defending and protecting the rights of children.
  17. That law enforcement organizations expand regional and global cooperation in order to improve information sharing in investigations and increase collaborative efforts in addressing these crimes against children which cross national boundaries. 
  18. That law enforcement institutions around the world enhance training for law enforcement officers in recognizing the warning signs of abuse and sexual exploitation.
  19. That training and education be provided for the world’s judiciary, ensuring that judges everywhere apply and enforce the laws regarding the violation of the basic human rights of children and the sexual exploitation of children seriously and uniformly, and further that such training emphasize that those who victimize children must be held fully accountable under the law.
  20. That citizens in every country be made more alert and aware regarding the abuse and sexual exploitation of children, and that they be urged to report such abuse or exploitation to appropriate authorities if they see it, know about it, or suspect it.

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